A brand for street dancers. The top designer is Kimberly Ayase. Is Ayaka Kazumi favorite brand. This brand's main constellation is Aries and the main virtue is Courage.


Begin to feel the energy of the streets with this brand, Street Hop specializes in clothing for street dancers overflowing passion with modern and cool clothes. Feel able to dance anywhere, feel free and spontaneous.

Street hop logo paint

Street Hop First Logo


The idols that use this brand:



Normal Coords

  • Street Coord
  • Go Coord
  • Radio Notes Coord
  • Street Hop Coord
  • Max Fone Coord
  • Nightclub Coord
  • Goofy Smile Coord
  • Lollipop Music Coord
  • Wild Style Coord
  • Swing Dancer Coord
  • Electro Digit Coord
  • Sooapy Street Coord
  • Another Step Coord
  • Crazy Rave coord
  • Jazz Influence Coord
  • Union with the Beat coord
  • Lindy Hop Coord

Rare Coords

  • June Vacation Coord
  • Hot Stamina Coord
  • Dancing with Friends Coord
  • Rhythm Pop'n Coord
  • Mint Sprout Coord
  • Turntable Colored Coord
  • Turntable Platinium Coord 
  • Mugen Lazy Step Coord
  • Bunny Hop Hop Coord
  • Cooler Cola Juice Coord
  • San Chicago Coord
  • Ice Refresher coord
  • Delicious Ice Cream Coord

Premium Coords

Costellation and Virtue Coords

  • Street Champion Coord
  • Write Victories Coord
  • Yellow Sonic Coord
  • Feminine Street Girl Coord
  • Street Victory Era Coord 
  • Dance in Fire Coord
  • Burning Feet Coord

Masterpiece Coords

  • Alto Crescendo Coord
  • Rhythm Hip Top Coord
  • Rock n Roll Coord
  • Lemon Sprout Coord