This a list of Rose Aikatsu! Episodes it contains 50 episodes.

01.The rose is blooming!

(Rozu ga abatake!)

Rose is a young girl who loves Idols,her bestfriend Yuri tells her she can be an Idol! After seeing Miki Kudokawa concert and see the special appeal,she decided to inscrived to the Rose Academy and pass an audition. She win it and Miki tells her aura was brightness than her and her special appeal was incredible. But Rose was anxious in the debut but accept she can be at the top with Miki.

02.The Cool scent of the lys flower

(Kuru no yuri no sento)

Yuri,the bestfriend of Rose,is going to pass an audition for a magazine she love: Cool Girls,this magazine is going to pass auditions for searching the new representant of the magazine. Yuri is going to pass but is doubting she can because,it's a fashion show and she know nothing about fashion shows! Rose propose her how to learn how to walk in a runway.

03.The flowers battle

(Furawa no batoru)

Yuri is going to facing with Rose for an audition to be the new Dream Girl: an audition to be the girl who reprensenting the new best freshgirls of the Academy. Rose is anxious because she is going to facing with her bestfriend,Miki say to her friendship not count in stage. Rose doesn't think she's right but has doubts. Yuri say to her,she can count on her because they are friend. The day of the audition,Rose was not sure to not count of her friendship with Yuri can be good but was able to win,Miki says she has good feelings but can always counting on her feelings.

04.The dream fashion duo

(Ze dorimu fashon duo)

The class of Rose and Yuri is going to do a fashion show! They are going to do it! They are training their walk and poses,Rose who know everything at fashion is learning Yuri how to walk. Miki is watching them all the time and say to her training is not necesseary but training with her heads,moraly is necessary. Rose and Yuri was training her poses during three days,Miki observe them and the day of the fashion show she see their aura shining. She say to them they are a great duo and her friendship can surpass everything.

05.Poppy and Peppy,the cutie Himawari!

(Popi to pepi,kawaii no Himawari-chan!)

The new classmate of Rose and Yuri is nammed Himawari Yushino,she is cute girl who reprensented many publicitaries,she's a pop mascot who win the Pop-Mascot Girl Grand Prix. They see one of Himawari's publicity and find her really cute! She's going to pass an audition: The Juicy-Fruity Vivid Girl an audition for pop-styled girls. Himawari is anxious but is able to pass the audition.

06.The glittering trio

(Kirakira no toraio)

Rose,Yuri and Himawari are going to a trio audition has a group. The Headmistress Marie-Rosa decided to evalue the level of those three girl. Himawari speak with them and they decided to perform has a group called the Summer-Colored Miracle (Suma-Kororedo Mirakuru),Yuri and Himawari decided Rose will be the leader. She accepted and start designing their unit dresses. They pass the audition and Miki see when they are in group their Auras was shining brightness than they are in solo.

07.The Queen's debut!

(Joo no debiyu!)

The headmistress see Rose designs and tells her she has an incredible talent and decided Rose can has her own brand,she accepted and designing many coordinates and choose to call it Queen of Roses because she love roses and queen or princess-like clothing. She decided to do live concert for her brand. Yuri and Himawari tells her she can be a famous designer.

08.The sweet honey.

( amai no hani)

Himawari is going to pass and audition for a popular brand of desserts,called Juicy-Fruity Sugar Cakes she will represent the brand for this audition: Honeybee Princess. Himawari is anxious but is determined to win this audition because Honeybee Princess is her favorite brand. Rose and Yuri are worried about her,but Himawari tells her its okay but not think she is doing right. The day of the audition she was really nervous but finally win the audition.

09.Miki's feminine tea party

(feminine no Miki no tii paati)

Miki is going to do a live concert and she needs help for prepare it,she calls Rose,Yuri and Himawari for a tea party to discuss about it. Miki tells at the girls they have a great potential this is why she choose them for helping her. Her manager find this weird because in fact Miki is searching freshgirls for a laterly audition but not tell it to the girls. Miki is decided for those three pass a test but not already tell them.

10.Eh? Miki's musical test!

(Eh? Miki no mujikaru tesuto!)

Miki is make an announce for telling at all freshgirls of the academy a test for being the new great idol thectest name is the Great Idol Cup a competition to determine who is the new best idol of the academy and Rose,Yuri and Himawari are participating! But a new girl appear : Miya Kusakabe a intelligent girl who is determined to win this cup. The battle is hard but Rose is determined to win agsinst Miki.