The list of Pulse Star Aikatsu episodes.

Episode # Title Insert Song Coord(s) Main Events Aphorism
01 It seriously? Idol Activities Idol Activity! Miwa and Aiya enter in the Starlight Academy "A dream starts with another dreams"
Aiya Atsuko is a girl who dreams of being a fashion designer, but is convinced by Miwa Watanabe, her best friend to enter in the Starlight Academy.
02 I quit! Growing for a dream Aiya decides to stay in the academy "Never let go the chances"
The first week of Aiya begins troubled, she thinks about quitting studying at Starlight Academy. Shall Miwa can persuaded her to change her mind?
03 Love! Fan Letters Signalize! Miwa makes a new friend called Jane. "A idol grows in a healthy sun"
Aiya and Miwa receive their first fan letters. Miwa identifies, a girl who want to take the test to enter in the Starlight Academy with her best friend.
04 Win To Win Idol Activities Aiya and Miwa make there audition as a duo and win. "The stage with friends is sweet"
Miwa and Aiya training to make a audition for a mark of sweets.
05 Miwa Serious Battle Serious Girl Miwa become the image girl of Pon-Pon Crepe. "A beautiful harmony cross the limits"
Miwa is nervous to do her first audition alone, Aiya make a good luck charm for her.
06 Pizza Meeting Idol Activities Aiya decides that she will be a designer and a Idol. "A circle is the best to make a decision"
Aiya is confuse about being a designer or a idol.
07 Fight for a brand Growing for a dream

Aiya makes her first clothes but their not approved. The girls receives their premium rare dresses.

"Is test and try"
Aiya decides that she will be a top designer and make her first designs, but they are not approved, is when Orihime propose her a challenge, she have to study some brand and make designs who captive every style of the brand.
08 Hello top designer Fashion check!
  • Star Graceful Coord
  • Magical Spirit Coord
Aiya and Miwa receives their first premium rare dresses. "Imagine a new life for yourself and believe on it"
Aiya decides to write to Spicy Ageha top designer and decides to writes about her dream to be a designer.
09 Ethnic Charm Kira・pata・shining Savanah makes her debut. "The selvage always capture our attention"
Savanah makes her debut.
10 The perfect cute girl Let's eat chocolate Suu and Suzu Debut "The cute is cute"
Suu and Suzu Makes her debut.
11 KiraKira Chat Scandal Rainbow+Color Anna Debut ""
Anna makes her debut.
12 Animal Brave Power! Music Future Lucy Appear "A rainbow comes from a simple light"
Lucy Nanairo, the top idol of the Starlight Academy, tell Aiya that she wants her to make designs to a animal week.
13 Duet Angel Snow Mari debut
Mari debut.
14 Valentine Choco Parade Calendar Girl Aiya receives two roses from a secret admirers. "The love is always near to you"
Aiya receives a white and a red roses from two different secret admirers, her friends decides to discover who are they.
15 The stolen design Serious girl Sachiko makes her debut
Aiya makes a beautiful dress to present in the next audition, but someone stole it. Sachiko is a girl who never go well in a audition, she think if she uses a unique dress she can finally won, but she is invaded by guilt and do not know if not using the design, Aiya and her friends discover that it was she who stole the design and require her to return, after she said her reasons, Aiya  decides that she still have to return the design but would have to join a group audition with them.
16 A storm come from far away Signalize Lucy official debut "A new radiance can glow more"
Lucy Nanario Debut
17 Royal Fan Sweet Sp!ce A prince appears "The love can grow even in a secret"
Aiya and Miwa receives a special invitation for a audition to a prince!?
18 Cuteness battle!

Rainbow + Color


Suu and Suzu fight "The cuteness sometimes is a dangerous way"
Appears audition for a women's magazine and they are seeking "the cutest girl in the world", will be a fight between Suu and Suzu by title! Who will win the match?!
19 Brothers, the road of separation Take Me Higher The family of Aiya appears "The link of the family can balance but never broke"
Aiya is gaining great repercussion as idol but her older brother and doctor Hikaru is not pleased about this, Aiya receives a call from the family and she decides to return to her home at the weekend. And will have to face her brother who demands that she stop being an idol.
20 Hirake! Universe Star Move on Now! Universe Star finally debut "A new universe is create"
Orihime tells Aiya that she organized an event to finally launch her brand " Universe Star." Aiya is very excited about the news and endeavoured to that everything goes well.
21 The scary princess arrives Mirror Candle Akane Himeko Debut "A muse comes when you need"
Akane Himeko debut. Akane Himeko, a girl known for her beauty and her temperament, goes up to Aiya and requires her to be her friend and also produces an outfit for her.
22 Fashion World Aikatsu Fashion Check Aiya designs debut in a magazine "Travel is the best solution"
"Universe Star " achieved great success in the event, a magazine wants to do a special article about this new brand, but they want exclusive designs inspired by the countries of the world.
23 Ice glare! Loli Star Mirror Candle A group audition appears. "Aikatsu is fun with everybody"
Aiya receives several requests for students to make exclusives clothes but Akane does not accept it. Akane reveals that she prefer that Aiya make designs only for her, Aiya tells Akane that wanted to be a stylist to the stars that all might reveal a unique glow. Will be that Akane will realize that it is fun when presented in a group?
24 Miwa Worries Prism spiral Miwa is worried "Special friends make special bonds"
Miwa is worried because Aiya don't pass so much time with her like the old days, this affects her training and she has a special audition.
25 Mother the light of my star Trap of Love Miwa and Aiya mom's appears "Our mothers resides in our hearts"
Starlight Academy they have a special day for the mothers.
26 The weather of Aurora Fantasy Calendar Girls Mari Hiroaki debut "Be yourself"
Mari Hiroaki Debut.
27 My first rival! Super Brave Juliete Otoha debut "Rivals make us strong"
Juliete Otoha Debut
28 Rising the love of a true mermaid Moonlight destiny Anna take a drama audition for the first time. "Follow the river"
Anna is afraid to take an drama audition for the "Little Mermaid".
29 Paris enchantment

Take Me Higher

Lucy and Aiya make a duo for a special show. "Take the new opportunities"
Lucy tells Aiya that she wants her to be her partner because she thinks that she will be perfect but Aiya is confuse. Orihime tells them to make a show together.
30 Merry Christmas miracle

Wake up my music

Upon a Star story

Miwa wants to do the perfect Christmas party to the idols and their fans. "Merry Chrismas"
Its a Christmas party but something goes wrong.
31 Grandfather terror Glass Doll Akane grandfather give her a Aikatsu card (Fury Night coord). "The changes are good"
Akane grandfather comes to visit his little "Dark princess", but they fight a lot because he don't like how Akane changes.
32 Go ahead Fighting Girl Super Brave Juliete beats Aiya and her cousin in the Fighting girl audition. "Fighting is part to be a girl"
Juliete is crazy to pass an audition and so to use the new outfit of her favorite's brand, but a girl appears and says that she is her rival, but ... she's Juliete cousin!
33 Happy Futuring Mermaid! It's too a new year

Anna and Marie become the mains characters of a drama

"The future of a mermaid is shinning"
Anna and Marie are two idols that do not stand out much, but receive a proposal for a drama.
34 Movie! Action! Dream Trap of love The idols make a movie
Aiya and her friends want to pass an audition to participate in a film.
35 Believe! Ice Dreams Aurora Princess Aiya passes in a audition for a ice drama show
Aiya is invited to attend an audition for a show on ice, but she does not know how to skate, but do not worry Miwa is here to help.
36 Unite plus two Happiness on the same Earth Aiya and Lucy unite is form "Try new things"
Aiya and Lucy are chosen for a job in the end decide to form a temporary unite called Space An Light.
37 Miwa summer feelings Diamond Happy Akane and Miwa form a unite called Live! "Some feelings don't need complicate words"
The new Unite of Aiya and Lucy is becoming very popular and Miwa is worried about loosing Aiya, Akane decides to comfort her.
38 Poem and Lyrics You gave me a gift Akane compose a song
Akane try to compose a new song to reach Aiya.
39 Yes! World Tour! KIRA☆Power Live! and Space An Light Make a summer tour, the unite "Miracle Six" is created.
Space An Light decides to perform a summer tour, but Lucy wants some unites to join.
40 Romeo and Juliet Aurora Princess Aiya performs with her secret admirer
Aiya decides to take a part on the drama of "Romeo and Juliet" but she have to find a male partner.
41 Search for my secret prince Super Brave Aiya discover her secret admirer
Aiya receives another letter from her secret admirer, she decides to search and discover who he is.
42 The pulse from the starts

Serious Girl

Moonlight Destiny

Space An Light ends
Aiya decides to come back to Miwa and Akane.
43 Special Debut, The key word is Alive! Speedight Nebula Alive Debut Alive Debut
Akane, Aiya and Miwa decides that will go on to make a special show to announce Aiya as the new member of their group. Akane said that the new name of the new unite needs to be "A"Live because Aiya back.
44 One cake for my dreams  Ponytail After School Its Aiya Brother birthday
Aiya discover that she have a show on her brother birthday that why Miwa brings a solution. 
45 That is our dream!

Tutu Ballerina

Super Brave

Speedlight Nebula

ALIVE decides to make a big show before take a break 
Aiya, Miwa and Akane are happy with their unit, but all recieves solo projects and they decide to take a break, but they want to do that after a big show.
46 Jump ahead! Adult Mode Lucy, Juliete and Aiya perform together
Lucy, Juliette and Aiya recieves the proposal to be image girls of a product.
47 Queen! Start! Music Future Aiya and Lucy go to the finals
Starlight queen Cup starts.
48 Final just for two Music Future Lucy wons the starlight queen Cup
Lucy wons, Aiya decides to center more in her brand.
49 The muse of my brand Moonlight Destiny

Akane wants and wons a new dress from Universe Star

Mika wons a premium dress

Akane wants to do a fashion show all centered in Universe Star designs. That's when she meets Mika a girl that is new student that is to in love with Universe Star designs and wants a premium dress.
50 My pulse star goodbye Serious Girl

Miwa parents appears for the first time

Aiya decides to study abroad for one year

Aiya recibes a proposal from another academy of idols, at Paris. Miwa have a proposal to do TV Show.