Pretty Rhythm : Aikatsu
プリティーリズム : アイカツ!
(Puriti rizumu : Aikatsu)
Pretty Rhythm - Aikatsu Logo

Pretty Rhythm : Aikatsu Logo

StudioSunrise and Takara Tomy
NetworkTV Tokyo
Opening SongButterfly Effect (1-25) , Starlight Heartbeat (25-51)
Ending SongAKB48 New Ships
Pretty Rhythm : Aikatsu! (プリティーリズム : アイカツ! Pretty Rhythm : Aikatsu!) is the first fan series created by BellRose~.


Pretty Rhythm : Aikatsu's Episode

Mika Mihama 14-year-old girl who lives alone with his father named Takeyuki Mihama also sign up to Starlight Academy. Mika actual breathing first car accident was forgotten memories, and his father never told him that she had a big brother and a mother. At Starlight Academy, she met with Watanabe Miyuki and Yukina Tsukishima they became good friends.

they formed a unit called Starlight Rose. Starlight Rose was trying to beat Soleil. they also have to work together with Prism Star, that idol is not disappear in the world.

Starlight Academy

Starlight Rose

Mika Mihama - she is 14-year-old girl who lives alone with his father. behind the actual adult personality she was lonely. She can only show his true feeling to Naoto Suzukawa. Her Rival in Soleil is Ichigo Hoshimiya. Mika is a ethnic type and her favorite brand is IRIS☆Monogatari. Her mother is actually a owner of popular Fashion Brand named Dear Crown. When use Dear Crown she is become Star Type.

Watanabe Miyuki - she is 14-year-old girl and She is Mika and Yukina bestfrind. Miyuki is a very calm, polite, and kind girl. She is very friendly and a hard worker, like Ichigo. she was inspired by Ichigo Hoshimiya to become an idol. She is a pop type and her favorite brand is Vivid Kiss.

Yukina Tsukishima - she is 15-year-old girl and she is Mika and Yukina bestfriend. She is a leader type and have a cold personality except to Mika and Miyuki. She is a Cool Type and her favorite brand is Futuring Girl.