Mad Jack (Mado Jaku) is the favorite brand of Mirinna Uzuki. Its a rock type brand its a part of the constellation system.

Official Debut

Mirinna is going to do a live concert and she like to with a brand who correspond at her style. The top designer of Mad Jack going see her give her a rare coord. She thanks her and the day of her live she wear it and the top designer applause her.


Mad Jack is a brand who makes you weared like a rock star,this makes you a awesome rocker who is loved by everyone. When you're wearing this brand with torn,chained and belting clothes will make you a rockin' girl with a rocking sense of fashion. We hope this brand will respond at your pleasure.


  • Rock Check Coord
  • Rock Star Coord
  • Music Note Coord
  • Two-Tone Coord
  • Chained Heart Coord
  • Dead Locks Coord
  • Spike Note Coord
  • Spike Dog Coord
  • Melancholich Coord
  • Black Cat Coord
  • Americain Union Coord
  • Neon Coord
  • Skull Girl Coord
  • Torn Desire Coord
  • Ripped Pluch Coord
  • Devilish Coord
  • Diabolik Coord
  • Highlights Coord
  • Black Rose Coord
  • Thunder Coord
  • Silver Crystal Coord
  • Devil Hunter Coord
  • High Beat Coord
  • Cosmic Rock Coord
  • Chained Key Coord
  • Under Control Coord
  • Mono Stone Coord
  • Locked Heart Coord