Idol Aura (アイドルオーラ?) is a "trademark" or "scent" of an idol. Each idol has different auras depending on their type and theme. In the anime, Raichi Hoshimiya is known to be an observer of idol auras and capable to sense them. Starting in Season 2, the some of the idols' aura change when wearing a Constellation Premium Dress coord and Premium Dress.

List of Idol Auras

Starlight Academy Main Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Mika Mihama none

her aura Composed of White Feather, Red colored Roses, multi-colored hearts. The position of the elements varies, on other occasions they just float/white pearl around her.

Starlight Academy Supporting Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Ichigo Hoshimiya
Ichigo's Aura

Ichigo's aura

her aura is jeweled hearts decorated with flowers and beaded ribbons, resembling scales, are added, and her aura spirals around her rather than spreading around.

Aoi Kiriya
Composed of blue stars and snow flakes. Later in Episode 40, small green and purple stars are added.
Ran Shibuki

Composed of purple butterflies with gold rims that leave behind a trail of golden sparkles and circle around her. In Episode 62, the  new design remains.

When wearing the King Leo Coord, the butterflies have a different pattern and change position to float around her.  (Episode 57)

Otome Arisugawa 300px

Composed of candy cane sweets, gingerbread men, oranges, blue cherries and pears. The candy bounces around her, and the fruit and cookies float around her.

The position of the elements varies, on other occasions they just float/rain around her.

Yurika Tōdō Composed of black ribbons and feathers surround by a white chandelier varying in size depending to the stage with magenta prism hearts.
Sakura Kitaōji


Composed of white and pink cherry blossoms.

But some think in Episode 26 ,the purple and blue grass are part of her Aura too.

In Episode 60, yellow and indigo blossoms are added in.

Mizuki Kanzaki 300px Composed of orange roses and multi-colored jewels. In Episode 50, during the Starlight Queen Cup, her aura temporarily changes into stardust, her aura's movement has changed, too.
Kaede Ichinose Composed of blue teddy bears that leave rainbow colored trails, a rocket with a red trail, and colorful stars.
Ringo Hoshimiya Composed of pink and purple primrose flowers.
Orihime Mitsuishi Composed of purple and blue roses and viola flowers.

Dream Academy Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Seira Otoshiro 300px Composed of electric blue lightning bolts, hot pink music notes, surrounded by a rock chain with electric blue hearts, hot pink stars, and embellished hearts. The rock chain also has electric blue beads.
Kī Saegusa 300px Composed of white sparkles, an alicorn, bubbles that are filled with an assortment of objects, mainly shapes, in different colors that leave behind a trail of yellowish-orange sparkles.
Sora Kazesawa 296px

Composed of jeweled bronze pins and multi-colored decorative furballs. There is also a ring of furballs in pink, indigo, green, and orange color with occasional bead designs.

Maria Himesato N/A N/A


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