The Great Idol Cup ( Gurito Aidoru Kupu) is a cup to determine who is the best idol of the freshgirls of the Rose Academy.


The Great Idol Cup is coming up, this is time for new girls to training Rose,Yuri and Himawari are training and wasn't noticed Miki is participated! The competition is sure to be rude with Miki on it, Rose is very anxious and her friends are worried about her. After one week of the cup, the rank has been writed.


  • Miki Kudokawa-1st
  • Rose Hoshizora-2nd
  • Yuri Miruko-3rd
  • Himawari Yushino-4th
  • Yuka Soushiro-5th
  • Karen Shizuki-6th
  • Mikoto Yurabe-7th