Cotton Sweet Coord is Hotaru Hakoniwa's My MuSe Coord

Cotton Sweet Coord
Type Pop
Brand Happy Rainbow
Rarity Campaign Rare



Cotton Sweet Tops

A teal low v neck top. The sleeves go over the shoulder, and have purple ruffles off the end. The middle section of the top has a soft blue-pink gradient, with little blue 'clouds'. The top comes with a deep blue neckbow with white trim, and a white and gold wrist cuff.

Cotton Sweet Skirt

A bubble style skirt. The top section of the skirt is a teal, purple, pink, blue, white plaid, seperated from the rest of the skirt by gold edging. The bottom section is a light blue. The ruffles on the skirt have a purple bows. The skirt comes with a brown belt that has ablue-purple gradient sash connected to it.

Cotton Sweet Boots

Blue cowboy boots with a white tongue. The boots have blue, purple, and white bows

Sweet Ribbon B

A white head band with a bow on the top right.