Blue Miracle Coord ( Buru Mirakuru Kode) is Yuri Miruko's unit dress.


Blue Miracle Corset

A white corset with light blue stripes on it with diamond drawing on it,a light blue top with a sun with sunbeams at the bottom,with red,blue,yellow,pink and purple pearls. And a collar with dark and light blue jewels with a light blue diamond at the middle and white lace gloves with light blue bracelets with sun with rubies,sapphire and ambers on it.

Blue Miracle Pants

Long light blue pants with white pockets with rubies,sapphire and ambers at the bottom. At the left and right sides of the pants is red,blue and yellow suns,a white belts with three red,blue and yellow gems at the left and right sides. With a sun at the middle with rubies,sapphire and ambers on it.

Summer-Colored High Heels

Blue high heels openned at the toe with a sun at the toe with rubies,sapphire and ambers on it. And light blue bride.

Summer-Colored Headband

A golden headband with three suns with a big one with rubies on it, a small one with sapphires on it and a other small one with ambers on it. And sun-shaped earrings with ambers on it and sunbeams.