Ayaka Kazumi is one of the main characters and students of Happiness Academy. She was a street dancer with a great talent to be an idol, she had no interest before to be an idol but later she is invited to enter in the academy. Her favorite brand is Street Hop.

She Is one of the best friends of Aimi and Luna, she likes the free style of dances and had no interest in idols world. But Aiya and Luna try to make her enter in the academy, she is very confused at that moment because she have no idea who path to choose, later she encounters a mysterious person that explain her that she can choose both path and gives her Street Hop cards. She makes an audition and receives a letter from the director to enter to the academy.


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She have a free and tranquil personality, she loves dances and relax  with her friends, she not like rules with dance.



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Her favorite brand is Street Hop she likes her Aikatsus to be free.Her idol aura is composed by colored notes, steps and feathers. Her catchphrase is “Freedom”


Happiness Academy

Loli Gothic

Futuring Girl

Angely Sugar

Spicy Ageha

  • Beaune Premiere Coord
  • Ageha Logo Coord
  • Black Frill Coord
  • Purple-Black Coord

Happy Rainbow

  • Tomboy Coord

Magical Toy

  • Step Magican Coord
  • Roughly-Knitted Coord

Aurora Fantasy

  • Princess Dream Coord

Swing Rock

  • Funny Devil Coord
  • Hot Devil Coord
  • Jumping Coord
  • Lucky Blues Coord

Bohemian Sky

  • Ethinic Fringe Coord
  • Earth Vibration

Fighting Feminine

Street Hop

Universe Star

Arabian Nights


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  • Calendar Girl
  • Take me Higher
  • Move on Now
  • Angel Snow
  • Growing For a Dream
  • Idol Activities
  • Glass Doll
  • Diamond Happy
  • Kira Pata Shining

Fan series

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Special Appeal


  • Cool Flash
  • Stars dash Universe 
  • Bursing Ride
  • Hop!Step!Jump


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Ayaka: Colored Flower

Kazumi: mist


  • Date of Birthday: 15 July
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Favorite Food: Yakisoba
  • Dislike Food: Anything
  • Special Skill: Street Dance
  • Her favorite brand is Street Hop
  • Her favorite songs is Prism Spiral